Our History

Fleming Investment Group was founded by Michael Fleming in 2006 as an independent financial services firm. After working for 17 years as an advisor at a large, corporate financial institution, Mike wanted to create the type of firm where clients could feel more connected and truly trust the people handling their assets. His strong Christian faith and values in family, friends, and the well-being of others is what Fleming Investment Group is built upon. In 2010, Brian Bohnsack joined the firm as a financial advisor with the same morals rooted in faith and became managing partner in 2014. Mike retired in 2016, and now, under Brian’s leadership, we continue to live and grow the values with which Fleming Investment Group was originally established. 

Here at Fleming Investment Group, our objective has been, and continues to be, to help people make smart money decisions and to make our clients feel comfortable with the direction and achievement of their financial goals. We have the experience and motivation to create our own systems that most effectively serve our clients. Fleming Investment Group partners with Commonwealth Financial Network®, one of the preeminent independent broker/dealers in the United States. The alliance with Commonwealth ensures that clients receive a wide variety of investment choices to complement their goals. It also helps us best serve clients in a seamless and efficient manner by providing back-office investment research, technology support, and superior education and training.